Hej Malmö!


A new Student Ministry is taking its first steps in Malmö.

To celebrate this occasion we invite everyone who is interested in reaching the University World for Christ to our Kick-Off Night at Europaporten.


It will be a night of fellowship, fika, worship and sharing a vision for Student Ministry.

Location: Europaporten Stadiongatan 25

Time: Tue 9th of February at 18.30 (-21)

Our dream is to create a community and a network for students in Malmö to be witnesses on campus.

We invite everyone to our fellowship on campus and share this dream with us!

We are Mosaik Malmö and you are most welcome to come and hear more.


We partner with Europaporten, Pingst Ung and Students for Christ Europe.


God has a plan for Malmö.


With kind regards,

Merja Toukola

On behalf of team Mosaik


FB: www.facebook.com/mosaikmalmo